5 Published Short Stories by Famous Authors (That Are Also Fanfiction)

December 2, 2015 // 1 Comment

To an extent, fanfiction is still viewed as the realm of amateur writers. Even now that fanfic is more acceptable for mainstream authors and publishers alike, many famous authors are still reluctant to talk about their stint with fanfiction (if they talk about it at all). It’s a shame, because as fanfiction authors and readers know too well, the world of fandom is brimming with talent and the creative benefits of writing fanfiction are well known. That’s why it’s heartening to //

Where Should I Post my Fanfic?

November 21, 2015 // 8 Comments

Gone are the days of distributing your fanfiction via printed fanzines, mailing lists, or Geocities pages. Today, we have modern conveniences such as archive sites, and if you’re not old enough to remember the uphill-both-ways-in-the-snow times, consider yourself lucky. This article is going to cover the pros and cons of three major archives:, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad. Whether you’re just getting into fanfic for the first time or you’re an older fan looking for //

The Public Domain and the Building of a Mythos

November 8, 2015 // 1 Comment

How many shows on the air right now feature a sleuthing modern day protagonist named Sherlock Holmes? How many times have you seen the story of Peter Pan retold in the last year alone? How many literary classics have been “updated” with passages that include anything from limb-rending zombies to bodice-ripping Byronic heroes? How is this possible? Why for the love of God do you have to put up with it? How can you get in on it? It’s the public domain, baby. It’s where //

Transform Your Fanfic into Original Work Through Worldbuilding

October 29, 2015 // 0 Comments

Fanfic is a lot of fun and a great way to become a good writer. Some of us, though, might want to make the transition to writing professionally. This isn’t always as easy as E.L. James makes it look. One of the biggest issues with making the transition is that fanfic, by its nature, comes with a world already defined. The heavy lifting of worldbuilding has already been done by the original author or creators. And, of course, changing all of the names isn’t enough to change your //

E. L. James is My Hero, Kinda

October 21, 2015 // 1 Comment

In 2005, I told my friends I had written some fanfiction. They laughed, but it was too late to deter me from continuing, and ten years later I write romance novels for a living and they all have office jobs. Who’s laughing now, is what I’m saying. In 2011, 50 Shades of Grey hit the shelves and became everyone’s favorite controversial subject, whether they’d ever had contact with fanfic, romance novels, or BDSM before. There’s still a thinkpiece about it every week, so this week, //