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weefaol is a little wolf writer spinning tales of two brothers and their '67 chevy impala as they roadtrip across the lower forty-eight. weefaol bares her teeth on ao3 and tumblr.

5 Must-Read Wincest Fics

September 6, 2018 // 2 Comments

Wincest. The epic love story of Sam and Dean Winchester. And one of the most controversial (and popular!) ships in the Supernatural fandom. (Yes, we know they’re brothers.) Sam/Dean shippers come for all different types of kinks and tropes — some show up for their special familial bond (incest!kink, anyone?), some are here for some straight up Jensen/Jared fics (try Swesson or J2), and some get all heart-warmed and fuzzy for pre-series backstory (try Weecest). But regardless of //