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Lisa Miranda is a writer by day and a fangirl by night. She loves anime, slash pairings, and cups of hot chocolate. Also, she appreciates constructive comments and high-fives so feel free to send those her way!

5 Published Short Stories by Famous Authors (That Are Also Fanfiction)

December 2, 2015 // 1 Comment

To an extent, fanfiction is still viewed as the realm of amateur writers. Even now that fanfic is more acceptable for mainstream authors and publishers alike, many famous authors are still reluctant to talk about their stint with fanfiction (if they talk about it at all). It’s a shame, because as fanfiction authors and readers know too well, the world of fandom is brimming with talent and the creative benefits of writing fanfiction are well known. That’s why it’s heartening to //

Why Mary Sues and OCs Are Hated (and Why They’re Not the Same)

November 5, 2015 // 9 Comments

I don’t really mind OCs in fanfiction. Even if a writer uses an OC as a main character, I’m cool with it—as long as the character in question isn’t a Mary Sue. Now, I understand that Mary Sue is a somewhat subjective term. If you ask ten different people what it means, you’ll get ten different answers: A Mary Sue is the author’s wish fulfillment. A Mary Sue is a character whose name and physical traits overcompensate for her lack of personality. A Mary Sue pushes //