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Jessica Wood is a British writer and editor currently living in Turku, Finland, with her fiancee. She has a degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and has had work published in Blueink Review and The Bath Chronicle. 

Stop Killing Lesbians: Convince Creators to Produce the Content You Love

July 25, 2016 // 4 Comments

You might have noticed that the majority of current media consists of boring or outdated plots or that there is a severe lack of representation for marginalized groups, despite the many changes to society in the last few years. We still see movies with the nagging wife/useless husband dynamic or sitcom jokes about how girls don’t visit comic book stores. If you have noticed this, you’re not the only one. With sales dropping and more consumers losing interest, why is the media industry still //

Does Shipping Ruin Fandom?

February 9, 2016 // 2 Comments

If you’ve ever been in a fandom of any kind, you’ve probably noticed that animosity can occur between the shippers and the non-shippers. Most fans who aren’t into shipping just learn to tolerate or avoid it, but some take it very personally, claiming that it is ruining the fandom for them. In extreme cases, it causes people to leave a fandom entirely or even stop watching or reading something they used to like. Nowhere are these reactions better seen than in Tumblr confession blogs. These //

Why Do We Ship Non-Canon Couples?

December 15, 2015 // 5 Comments

As fans, we adore the things our favorite writers create for us. Why then do so many of us blatantly ignore canon and obsess over non-canon couples? There are plenty of canon love stories for us, yet for many of us, most of our attention is focused on the non-canon. According to a census of the most popular shipping tags on Archive Of Our Own, the most popular couple tag on the website in 2014 was Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from the tv show Sherlock, who canonically are a pair of mutual //

How I Met My Fiancé by Writing Fanfiction

October 22, 2015 // 2 Comments

I started writing fanfiction at the age of fourteen, because I saw my sister doing it and I wanted to try it too. At age sixteen, when anime was just starting to become popular in the UK and I was getting involved in online fan culture, I started writing a fanfiction based on the English dub of Beyblade. (We didn’t have a lot of choice for what anime to watch in Britain back then.) It was a self-insert fic about my “Mary-Sue” character moving to New York—a glamorous city to a //