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Andrea Carter is a recent graduate from the University of Las Vegas with a Bachelor of English. She adores playing video games, watching anime, studying Japanese, and writing. She specializes mainly in original fiction, but also enjoys whipping up interesting fanfiction in her spare time. 

Did Life Is Strange Have a Bad Ending?

December 19, 2015 // 1 Comment

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers. It’s been a few months since the conclusion of Life is Strange, and yet we still can’t determine if the game had a “bad” ending. It’s hard to say when death lingers around each one. Dontnod Entertainment has certainly outdone themselves in crafting a beautifully tragic story. If you’re anything like me, playing the first chapter was a neat experience but nothing life changing. It wasn’t until episode 2 that I became //

How Online Roleplay Crafts Better Fanfiction

November 30, 2015 // 1 Comment

A few years ago, I remember receiving a book as a birthday gift. It touched on a number of ways an aspiring writer can learn to create better fiction. As far as I was concerned, the guy was published, therefore he had to be a master at knowing and understanding how the written word worked. To this day, I don’t doubt that he is/was successful. The majority of his advice was sound: write what you know, brainstorm, edit. I could agree with all his advice without a problem. But as I read a little //

I’m Sorry. My OTP’s Acting Up Again.

October 25, 2015 // 1 Comment

What do the letters OTP mean to you? Does a cute couple pop into your head? How about memorable fanfiction and fanart? Maybe a little bit of both? Not all that surprising. Those of us that frequent fandom communities have a strong awareness of its meaning. We hold a special place in our heart for these letters. One true pairing. Nothing better. Nothing less. That’s our inner motto. We breathe our OTP. It consumes our life. It’s not our own relationship, but it certainly feels close enough. //