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Editor | Malory Beazley
In July 2016, FAN/FIC was transferred to Malory Beazley, one of the magazine’s regular contributors. A fangirl since the Backstreet Boys came on the scene, Malory took her interest in fan culture to the academy, penning a Master’s thesis on Harry Potter Genderswap Fanfiction before abdicating the ivory tower to write Drarry fic. She has big plans to grow this nonprofit passion project into a thriving, influential, and sustainable online publication.

Founder | Susan Pi
FAN/FIC was founded in October 2015 by Susan Pi. Susan’s background in publishing and freelance writing sparked the idea for an online magazine that features thought-provoking, well-informed articles about fan culture. FAN/FIC Magazine was born.

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Editors' Pick April 2017

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Top Ten Fandom Blogs
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University Course Readings
“The Trouble With Genderswap” by Malory Beazley
WGS271Y1: Gender in Popular Culture, University of Toronto. Summer 2017.

“Why You Should Be Aware of Queerbaiting” by Jae Bailey
WGST 3123: Feminism and Popular Culture, Acadia University. Winter 2017.

York University. Winter 2017.
Longmont Estate Elementary School. Winter 2017.
Red Deer College. Winter 2017.
Yale University. Fall 2016.

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