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The best Supernatural fanfiction for Sam and Dean Winchester shippers.

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Wincest. The epic love story of Sam and Dean Winchester. And one of the most controversial (and popular!) ships in the Supernatural fandom. (Yes, we know they’re brothers.) Sam/Dean shippers come for all different types of kinks and tropes — some show up for their special familial bond (incest!kink, anyone?), some are here for some straight up Jensen/Jared fics (try Swesson or J2), and some get all heart-warmed and fuzzy for pre-series backstory (try Weecest). But regardless of which Sam and Dean ship you want to climb aboard, there are several must-read Wincest fics that the fandom can (at least somewhat) agree on. As a Wincest fanfiction writer, I’ve scoured many masterlists and reviewed my five absolute favourite Sam/Dean fics for your reading pleasure. (Note: These are all explicit M/M slashfics. Please read all the warnings before diving in.)

Without further ado, here are my top five must-read Wincest fics.

The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride by fleshflutter

Explicit, M/M, Crack-Horror, 48K

Sam is trying to become the Antichrist in order to save the world. He has a small army of angels and demons, he has an adoring cult, he has a work of prophecy by Jack Kerouac, and he has Dean. Things are going pretty well until he accidentally signs Dean up as his Beloved Consort, a role that requires sex with the Antichrist on an altar. And that’s when things stop going pretty well. Also, the soundtrack to the Apocalypse sucks.

Even if you’re not a fan of crack (humour), fleshflutter’s The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride is a must-read for new Wincest shippers. The story follows boyking!Sam in his quest to become the Antichrist, which includes trying to placate a thoroughly shaken Dean, who unwittingly agrees to being Sam’s, er, bride. Featuring your favourite angel and demon friends, The Incestuous Courtship is an AU that feels as close to canon as they come. Read this one for hearty laughs, excellent characterization, and emotional (and sometimes awkward) love scenes.

The Ballad of the Invisible Boy by dollylux

Explicit, M/M, Angst, 57K

This is a story of adolescence. This is a love letter for the slow burn, for Led Zeppelin, for the 90s. This is the first of two sets of stories about how Sam and Dean didn’t fall in love. They never had to. It was always there, this desperation between them, like a real, breathing thing. When they came together, it was inevitable. As sure as continents colliding, as the phases of the moon and the life and death of stars. This isn’t a love story, but it’s a story of love.

In case you didn’t know, dollylux is the undisputed queen of Weecest. Her Invisible Boy series, which begins with The Ballad of the Invisible Boy and is followed by the equally angst-ridden Two-Headed Boy, is the quintessential Wincest fanfiction. This slow burn follows the boys from pre-series through Sam’s years at Stanford, showcasing all of the agonizing ways the boys need each other. Through missed connections, things left unsaid, and a lot of growing up over the years, Sam and Dean eventually come to realize that everything they’ve ever needed has been right in front of them all along. With perfect dialogue, a wonderfully dark mood, and devilishly unresolved (and eventually resolved) sexual tension, the Invisible Boy series is just… everything.

Sam Dean Winchester

Supernatural 1×05 | Edit by weefaol

The Last Outpost of All That Is by gekizetsu

Explicit, M/M, Angst & Humour, 59K

The world begins with the interruption of a sleep. Which is why wakefulness is the only proof of existence. And why the world is fragmented and cannot achieve fullness. And why it constantly seeks to reconstruct fullness. In vain, because the discontinuous will never pass over into the continuous. Mathematics tells us that, last outpost of all that is. ~ Roberto Calasso, Ka

Sam and Dean wake up one day to find the world has ended — the apocalypse happened while they slept. Not only that, but they discover, with existential horror, they are the only two survivors left on Earth. One of the most beautifully written Wincest fics out there, The Last Outpost is a spellbinding (and gorgeously unsettling) portrait of a world devoid of other people. Character driven, epic storytelling, and a slice of life at the end of the world, this tale is truly a must-read, especially if you are looking for a non-Weecest first time fic.

Like Staring Into the Sun by nyxocity

Explicit, F/M, M/M, Multi, PWP, 23K

It’s not about the girls. The girls are just the excuse. It’s about them. Them and this unavoidable thing that’s growing between them.

The first part in a series, Like Staring Into the Sun chronicles the beginning and gradual deepening of Sam and Dean’s erotic codependence. Starting when Sam brings a girl home one night and Dean watches, each encounter becomes less about the girls and more about them. Taking place sometime during Season 3, when Dean is doomed to Hell and Sam grapples with the demon blood in his veins, the brothers eschew whatever moral code they’ve lived by until now and allow themselves to be pulled together in the dark of night. Gorgeous prose, face-melting smut, and the slow build to inevitability (because it’s not about the girls… although the girls are good… so good) make Like Staring Into the Sun a Wincest masterpiece.

Catalyst by intrepidheart

Mature, M/M, Angst, 13K

It is a representation of them, of who they are, both brothers scribing themselves into the shallow cuts of the metal over the years, the simple amulet becoming much more than a symbol of protection. It becomes both a trigger and a barrier that only they understand.

Ever since “A Very Supernatural Christmas” (3×08) and the heart-warming scene of young Sam bestowing the amulet upon his big brother, it’s safe to say that the “Samulet” has become somewhat of a fetish object (or a symbol, plain and simple) for Sam and Dean’s bond. Catalyst is written with the Samulet as a centrepiece — it represents unbreakable and unspoken love, shared between bedsheets in motels on the fringe. With beautiful writing, flawless characterization, and the perfect slow build to ecstasy, this version of Sam and Dean will live in my bones forever.

Bonus Fic:

howls in my bones by weefaol

Explicit, M/M, Angst, 22K

When John gets a call to investigate a series of grisly animal killings, he drops Sam and Dean at an abandoned cabin two towns over. The boys find ways to keep busy — playing cards, watching movies, chopping wood — but with a howling winter storm on the way, there’s nowhere for Sam to hide his illicit feelings for his older brother. As the lure of desire threatens to devour him, Sam must learn to face the wolves that lurk outside and the monsters within.

I can’t write a Wincest recs post without giving a shout out to one of my own fics. So here it is: howls in my bones is my first longish Sam/Dean fic, written for the 2017 Wincest Big Bang. It’s perfect for someone who likes the “stuck in a snowy cabin” trope, first time fics, angsty sexual tension, or just a sprinkling of Supernatural lore.

Find more of weefaol’s Supernatural fics on AO3 and Tumblr.

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2 Comments on 5 Must-Read Wincest Fics

  1. Mazal HaMidbar // May 31, 2020 at 10:06 pm // Reply

    Just read the last three you listed including your own. Um, wow? Thanks (I think) for dragging me into the dark side; glad to know that I will have lots of company on the road to perdition . ..

  2. I’m new in the fandom of Supernatural, and i can’t explain my love for the Wincest… (Is my first time shipping a incest paring :0) But they are special!
    Thanks for the fics ❤ ❤

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