FAN/FIC Magazine’s 100th Article

We can’t believe it. This is our 100th published article.

To celebrate this milestone, we decided to write a post about what we’ve been up to this past year. We’ve had several significant events (including the magazine changing hands), expanded our social media presence, and published some truly compelling articles by our talented writing team.

Thank you to everyone who has written, read, or shared our articles. We can’t wait to publish 100 more.

Malory Beazley
Editor | FAN/FIC Magazine


New FAN/FIC Editor

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Malory Beazley, FAN/FIC Editor and cheeky git.

Well, hello there. That’s me! (Cheeky git.)

My name is Malory Beazley and I’m the new Editor of FAN/FIC Magazine. But first (Julie Chen voice), a little history of our publication. FAN/FIC was founded in October 2015 by Susan Pi (seriously awesome person). Susan’s background in publishing and freelance writing sparked the idea for an online magazine that features thought-provoking, well-informed articles about fan culture. The amazing FAN/FIC Magazine was born.

In July 2016, FAN/FIC was passed on to Malory (hey, that’s me!), one of the regular contributors. A fangirl since the Backstreet Boys came on the scene, I took my interest in fan culture to the academy, penning a Master’s thesis on Harry Potter Genderswap Fanfiction before abdicating the ivory tower to write Drarry fic. (Here is a photo of me with a very geeky custom-made Daniel Radcliffe mug. I’m very cool.)

I have big plans to grow this nonprofit passion project into a thriving, influential, and sustainable online publication. I discussed some of my future plans for FAN/FIC in my interview with the Organization for Transformative Works. Plans include publishing more reviews of novel-length fics, hosting fanfiction festivals, interviewing fan creators, and more. For now, I’m enjoying getting to know our lovely writers, loyal readers/commenters, and community members. I’m @malorybee on Twitter. Come say hello!

Patreon Rewards

As a freelance writer, I believe paying writers per article should be a top priority for any publication. I want to honour Susan’s commitment to paying our writers. To do so, FAN/FIC needs support from kind-hearted individuals like YOU. If you’ve been enjoying the content from our first 100 articles, please consider donating a few dollars through Patreon (rewards!) or PayPal (credit cards accepted). We would be eternally grateful. Every little bit counts. And 100% of your contributions will go directly back into the magazine.

Flash Fic Festival

Scorpius Malfoy, precious cinnamon roll.

On September 1st, we held our very first flash fic festival based on everyone’s favourite script-book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Participants signed up via Owl Post and had 24 hours to create, write, and edit a fanfic based on three prompts. What a success! We’re currently reading through the entries and the “winning” fic will receive a hefty beta-read, a lovely PDF of their fic (yay, formatting!), a fan art postcard, and be published on our website. We hope to hold more fanfiction festivals and challenges in the future. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep informed.

Popular Articles

Beginners_Guide_to_Fanart_J-Bailey Image 3

Digital fanart example | © Jae Bailey


Beginner’s Guide to Creating Fanart by Jae Bailey

Why Mary Sues and OCs Are Hated (and Why They’re Not the Same) by Lisa Miranda

Where Should I Post My Fanfic? by Cecil Wilde

Five Psychological Benefits of Writing Fanfiction by C. L. Foltermann

Top 15 Must-Have Books for Fanfiction Writers by Therese Ptak


How Archive of Our Own Revolutionized Fandom by Farasha Silver

Why You Should Be Aware of Queerbaiting Tactics by Jae Bailey

Does Shipping Ruin Fandom? by Jessica Wood

X-Men and the “Canon Disabled Character” Tag by Tobias Alexander

Fanfiction Through the Ages: From the Midrashim to The Magicians by Rachel Cohen

Taylor Swift STYLE | © Taylor Swift


Hiddleswift, Or How to Lose a Fanbase in 10 Days by Mary Sue

Get Your Geek On: How to Survive Your First Fan Convention by Farasha Silver

How Fanfiction and RPG Revealed What I Should Do With My Life by Afton Jones

Fanfiction Writer firethesound on Slytherin Ambition, Fan Communities, and Drarry – Interview by Malory Beazley



FIC: Not For Turning by eitoph by Rachel Smith Cobleigh

BOOK: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by Malory Beazley

Social Media


We’ve greatly expanded our social media presence in the last few months. (A.k.a. We’re everywhere! You can’t escape.) Here’s a list of where we spend time on the Interwebs, including a brief description of the types of activities you’ll find there.

Facebook – Published articles only.
Twitter – Snarky fangirl tweets about Harry Potter, Supernatural, Star Trek, et al.
Google+ – Published articles only.
Tumblr – Beautiful photo reblogs from all fandoms and our own banner art.
Imzy – Discussion, polls, fic recs, and whatever else the future holds! (We’re new.)
AO3 – Detailed fic reviews, bookmarks, and writing challenges.
Mailchimp – Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Last, but not least…
Want to write for FAN/FIC Magazine? Pitch us an article here.

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