Flash Fic Festival: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Participants will have 24 hours to create, write, and edit a Cursed Child ficlet.


Welcome to the 2016 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Flash Fic Festival!

You’ve read the script-book. You’ve seen the play. You’ve debated with Internet friends about what’s canon. Now, it’s time for imagination.

With all the different reactions to The Cursed Child, we at FAN/FIC Magazine want to create a community-based challenge to revisit, rewrite, or reclaim the eighth instalment. If you could add or change any scene in the play, what would it be? With the turning of the leaves and the school year starting up again, we thought it might be fun to have a little flash ficlet festival to get the creative juices flowing.

On September 1st at 11am, just as the Hogwarts Express is pulling out of King’s Cross Station, Hogwarts alumni near and far will sit down with their quills to write. Based on three writing prompts (which will remain secret until the Owl Post delivers them), participants will have only 24 hours to create, write, and edit a fanfic based on The Cursed Child.

Ficlets will be limited to between 400 and 2500 words and must relate to one of the three prompts. Although these prompts will not be released until September 1st at 11am, don’t let that stop you from beginning to dream up possible story lines. You may write in any style you choose, whether it be in script format (dialog with stage directions), prose, poetry, etc.

In the spirit of friendly competition, when all the fics are received a panel of judges from FAN/FIC Magazine will vote for our favourite.

For our winner, we will:

  • beta-read your fic and create a PDF version with lovely typeface and things
  • publish your fic on FAN/FIC Magazine for the world to see (of course, you can also post it anywhere else you wish!)
  • mail you a beautiful fan art postcard (generously donated by a Tumblr artist)

You can sign-up for the festival via Owl Post. This is also how we will be sending you the writing prompts on September 1st at 11am (EST). Click the button below to join the fun!

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