7 Seasonal Fandom Gift Exchanges You Can Still Sign Up For in November

Get into the festive spirit with these gift exchanges!

Fotolia.com | ©windu

Fotolia.com | © windu

The fandom community is getting into the festive spirit with a variety of fanfiction and fanart gift exchanges. Many secret santas are already well underway, but others are still open for sign-ups or have prompts that can be claimed.

Here are seven festive fandom events you can still sign up to participate in, plus three that are looking for last-minute gift creators:

The Doctor Who fandom has been around since forever and so of course also has a secret santa fanworks exchange. This time the sign-ups are via Google Docs and the organizers are based on Tumblr.

Doctor Who Secret Santa
Doctor Who (classic and new)
Format: Fanfiction, fanart, gifs, other
Characters: all characters, all ships
Site: Tumblr required
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 8

The movie Kingsman: The Secret Service immediately made waves in fandom when it was released earlier this year. This brand new fandom is going strong, and a secret santa event has been organized for the popular Harry Hart/Galahad Unwin pairing.

Hartwin Secret Santa
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Format: Fanfic, fanart
Characters: Harry Hart/Galahad Unwin only
Sites: Tumblr, AO3
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 10

Now in its second year, The 100 fandom’s secret santa can be found on Tumblr and AO3.

The 100 Secret Santa
The 100 (TV)
Format: Fanfic, fanart, gifsets, graphics, fanmixes, fan videos
Characters: all pairings
Sites: Tumblr, AO3
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 10

Next up we have a Homestuck holiday gift exchange for you which is also based on Tumblr.

Format: Fanfic, fanart
Characters: all characters, all ships
Sites: Tumblr, AO3
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 15

Another established advent calendar is the Kirk/Spock advent calendar which features fan works centered on Kirk and Spock with a Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, or cold wintery setting.

K/S Advent 2015
Star Trek
Format: Fanfiction, fanart, fan vids, poetry, other
Characters: Kirk/Spock only
Site: Livejournal (though Livejournal account is not required)
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 25

The Marvel fandom has grown tremendously since the release of the Avengers, and of course Marvel fans are also preparing to celebrate the festive season with new fan works. Fans of Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov can sign up for the Romanogers Secret Santa.

Romanogers Secret Santa
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America, Avengers
Format: Fanfic, fanart, graphics, gifs, fanmixes, other
Characters: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov
Site: Tumblr
Deadline: Sign-ups close November 30

Now in its 12th year, the FemSlash Advent Calendar :: Dead of Winter is a well-established festive fandom event on Dreamwidth and Livejournal.

FemSlash Advent Calendar :: Dead of Winter 2015
Format: Fanfiction, fanart, fan vids, icons, podfics, picspam, gifsets, fanmix, meta, poetry
Characters: Femslash only
Sites: Dreamwidth and Livejournal
Deadline: Exact details not available yet, keep checking the website

Even if you’ve missed the deadline to claim a prompt in your fandom gift exchange, most exchanges rely on fans signing up as pinch-hitters. A pinch-hitter is someone who will create a gift for someone whose original gifter dropped out of the secret santa at the last minute.

Yuletide, the largest seasonal fandom event with over 6,000 fandoms and over 25,000 works on AO3, is looking for pinch-hitters (sign up on the Yahoo group). Over on Livejournal, two popular secret santas are also looking for pinch-hitters: fill out the template to sign up for that role in the Supernatural fandom’s secret santa community or contact the Holmestice mods directly if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan.

These seasonal fan work communities are well worth joining, whether you will be creating new wintery fanfiction and fanart or not. Keep a close eye on them to see your favorite characters opening presents, wearing knitted gloves and hats, or warming each other up.

Have fun creating, reading, and commenting on this December’s new festive fan works!

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