5 Awesome Halloween Fanart Pieces

Get ready for Halloween with these inspiring pieces of fanart!

The Avengers celebrate Halloween. | ©mushtone

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom, the Avengers are of course celebrating in style—by dressing up as each other. In mushstone’s amazing fanart, we have Natasha Romanov, the famous Black Widow, who’s dressed up as Avengers’ founder Nick Fury. This is no doubt a very fond tribute to the man who trusted her enough to make her an agent of SHIELD. Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is going as Agent Coulson. We have to wonder whether the business suit is actually Barton’s. It’s possible he simply borrowed one of Coulson’s.

Thor meanwhile hasn’t quite gotten the hang of Midgard’s Halloween celebrations, but at least he tried dressing up as another Avenger—he’s sporting a t-shirt saying “HULK SMASH.” Steve Rogers likewise didn’t quite get with the plan. He’s put aside his Captain America uniform and donned his WWII uniform, but that’s not quite a costume though, is it? I think we can safely assume 1920s Halloween celebrations weren’t quite the same as those of modern day America!

It’s just as well Steve didn’t wear his superhero outfit, though, because both Tony Stark and Phil Coulson picked blue, red, and white. No surprises there as Agent Coulson is Cap’s fanboy number one—Tony really should have known this would happen! Steve seems rather embarrassed by all the attention.

Fury himself has dressed up as Odin, ruler of Asgard, while the shape-shifter Loki has snuck into the party disguised as Black Widow. He doesn’t seem too happy with his lot however.

But no need for Loki to despair! Moochingleech makes sure he gets to celebrate Halloween with his brother in another inspiring fanart.

Thor and Loki hand out candy. | ©Moochingleech (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Over in the videogame fandom, adlovett renders a beautiful piece for The Last of Us. It showcases the wonderful friendship between Ellie and Riley. It’s nice to know that even in post-apocalyptic times they can have fun and goof about with the innards of a pumpkin!

Ellie and Riley find a pumpkin and have fun with it. | ©adlovett

Sonic is another video games character making an effort to celebrate Halloween. The fastest thing alive strikes a dramatic pose in his cape in a stunning fanart by MRi. Framed by moon and bats, this piece really sets the tone for Halloween.

Sonic, the fastest vampire-hedgehog alive (or undead in this case?) | ©MRi (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Some more gorgeous fanart by ry-spirit shows us the Pokemon crew. It also reveals one of the artist’s head-canons: Misty is a Final Fantasy X fan and has dressed up as Lulu. Meanwhile, Ash’s costume appropriately sports badges from the Hearthome and Blackthorn Gyms which use Dragon and Ghost Pokemon.

Pikachu as a mummy! The Pokemon crew get dressed up in spooky outfits. ©Ry-Spirit (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Pikachu as a mummy! The Pokemon crew get dressed up in spooky outfits. ©Ry-Spirit (CC BY-ND 3.0)

There’s a lot more wonderful Halloween fanart out there on the web so keep your eyes peeled on the latest Deviations and Tumblr posts in your fandom!

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